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March – Nokia E7 – play the onl woman in the advert an upmarket business woman. The advert will be airing a in UAE, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Morroco.

Voice Overs:
Northgate sidewalk sale
Eastgate side walk sale

Isidingo – played Doctor Bradshaw, episodes will begin screening in March 2011


May – Detol liquid Handwash – played the lead of the “Mom” Character, on air from June 2010
July – Renault: Play lead, spoilt brat, on air from June 2010
July – Denon yogert: Play lady in bed, on air from end august 2010
September – Lucazade: An over achiever who can type, talk on the phone and prune a bonsai as she waves hi to a passer by
Music Video:
Jack Parrow Music Video

Voice Overs:
Platinum baby
Norwood birthday advert
Waterfall Christmas
Eastgate fashion wing
Eastgate fashion wing
Sun city
Sun city
Sun city
Sun city
Sun city
Voice-over’s –
1. Client: Northgate. Promotion: Greenpeace
2. Client: MCM. Promotion: Voice bank
3. Client: Northgate. Promotion: Greenpeace
4. Client: Garden Route Mall. Promotion: Valentine’s Competition
5. Client: Sun International. Promotion: Various
6. Client: Sun City. Promotion: Stars in your eyes
7. Client: Sun City. Promotion: Baked Patato Feast
8. Client: Sun City. Promotion: Picnic Baskets
9. Client: Sun City. Promotion: Thai Buffet
10. Client: Waterfall Promotion: Easter
11. Client: Dubai Promotion: IKEA – “Business to Business Service”
12. Client: McDonald’s Radio Promotion: Super-sizing your meal
13. Client: McDonald’s Radio Promotion: Never question a man’s love for his McDonalds burger
14. Client: Sun International Promotion: Zambia Wellness Package
15. Client: McDonald’s Radio Promotion: Official sponsor of the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup
16. Client: McDonald’s Radio Promotion: 100% Arabica Bean Premium Roast coffee
17. Client: Waterfall Mall Promotion: Platinum Baby Competition
Corperate Video: Altech – Play the “The Wife”
Yogi-sip – two adverts. 1. “Cake” and “Feed the Beast”
Detol Handwash – played the lead of the “Mom” Character, from June 2009
Engen – Play a biker babe who flirts with Jaco Pretorious as he exits an Engen garage, due to air in Ster Kinekor theatres end of 2009.
Spar Top’s – Soccer fan, print champaine
Jet – Jeans and T-shirts
Music Video:
Glaskas “Golflengte Verkeerdom” Played female Lead, In the video I play three different woman in three different relationships with the same man. Male lead played by Justin Strydom.
Bakgat 2 – play Chanell a wild, curious and adventurous collage girl.
NightDrive – play Helen Baker a business woman.
Violence – Rachel play a receptionist
Jack Nimble – shot the pilot, play Maria due to shoot early 2010.

Acting Experience:
Theatre – 1000 Watts Production-Murder Mystery; I acted as Tallulah,a fabulously frivolous, bold and generally outrageous party girl who can always be relied on to say the things that others would only think, and do the things that many would never even dream of doing. Performed with actors such as Graham Hopkins, Theo Landey, Stuart Williams, Stacey Sacks, Raymond Vilakazi, Tarryn Bennett, Chantal Natival and David Butler.
Internet – “3’s a Crowd” – Internet mini-series; I played Emma a woman stuck in a terrifying situation.
(It is currently being edited)

Other Achievements:
– Modelled for FHM’s February issue
– I was made one of three faces for a new cosmetic’s line called Kaleidoscope
– Modelled for a Samsung Launch
– Photographed on line profile for Laser Edge Design
– Photographed company profile for Total Air Control
– Photographed brochure for Party Design (Event Décor) – Photographed various headshots for actors

Acting Experience:
TV – “Help is coming”- International music Video, for Ayo.
Produced by Partizan Paris (a French film company). I play her mother, a heroine addict who is too wrapped up in her addiction to care for her only daughter.
Internet – Condom awareness advert for the Internet.
Theatre – Honey Jewelry function; I played an Ugly Betty type
character, who undergoes a transformation and becomes beautiful; (It was performed live theatrical function)
Film – “Diamonds”- International mini series. I played the part of Jessica, the party girl opposite James Purefoy, Jeremy Crutchly and Ms. Rose.

Other Achievements:
– At the end August 2007, The Event Production Company offered me a position as Creative Director, but due to other work commitments I had to turn them down.
– Completed a course in Photoshop to support my photography.
– Photographed various headshots for actors
– Photographed various family portraits
– Photographed various personal albums for individuals
Charity: – I ran a youth development programme teaching drama to children who were affected or infected with aids through ‘Acres of Love organisation.

Acting Experience:
TV – “One Way”- I played Charlene, a PA to a high-powered Lawyer, aired on SABC 3 (local Dramedy)
– “For Sale”- I played the lead role of Constance, aired on SABC 3, (local Dramedy).

Other Achievements:
– Completed a course in Photoshop to support my photography.
– Photographed various headshots for actors
– Photographed various family portraits
– Photographed various personal albums for individuals

Acting Experience:
Theatre – “Oh Boy”- cabaret; ran for 9 months.
Film – “Normally Normal”- I played lead role: Sylvia
TV – “Thank You!”- music Video for Heinz Winkler, cast as Heinz’s love interest

Other Achievements:
– Completed a radio DJ course through the Academy of Broadcasting and was heard on various Edcon radio stations.
– Completed a beginners course in Photography
– Completed a intermediate course in Photography
– Completed a portrait course in Photography, all courses were done through The National Collage of Photography in Saxonwold, Johannesburg, South Africa
– Photographed various personal albums for individuals
– Photographed various head shots for actors

Modelling Job’s:
– Modelled for the Bride’s Diary Book

– Presenter for a charity fundraiser for various South African charities which assist woman in various ways, from legal assistance to skills development.

Acting Experience:
Theatre – I co-wrote a show called ‘Oh Boy!’ (along with Genna Luis and Richard Loring) and performed in it at The Sound Stage Theatre in Johannesburg. Rehearsals were done in May and the show opened in June and ran for nine months.
TV -I performed in two adverts:
– White Glo, aired in South Africa, England and Australia
– Investment Cars aired in Cinema’s in South Africa.

Other Achievements:
– The five original members of Hi-5 (South African boy band) and myself were nominated for best musical show of the year (“Oh Boy”) and the show was nominated for best musical design By Naledi judge’s for the South African Naledi Awards.

Work Experience prior to degree:

– I accepted a contract working as the Creative Director’s assistant with Harlequin Productions.
Conceptualising original concepts for launches
Adverts, Christmas functions etc.
Set design
Costume design.
Other Achievements:
Completed two courses:
– Make-up (through Back Stage Make-up Academy)
– Television Presenting (through On Cue Media and Communications training.

– First job was at The Wave Factory Production Company, as a receptionist during the day and assisting shoots on my evenings off.
– Then joined Ikhayalethu Productions working for “The Breakfast Club”


Production assistants
Guest liaison
Running all on air competitions
Set decorator for special events and shows
And from time to time make-up artist.
– Towards the end of my employment with Ikhayalethu Productions I began to assist in directing inserts for the show and also directed one insert on my own.

Eduaction and Qualifications:

– Attended The Michael Mount Waldorf School from nursery school until age 16.
– Performed in a play every year.

– I matriculated (A level equivalent) in 1996 from Damelin College, Johannesburg, South Africa.
– Subjects: English, Afrikaans, Math’s, Art-painting, Art-jewellery design, Art-graphic design and Geography.

– Attended The Michael Mount Waldorf School from nursery school until age 16.
– Performed in a play every year