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Last year alone over 50 Coaches, Healers, Teachers & Experts Connected with a Global Audience on

The Susana Kennedy Show…

Be Seen, Elevate Your Brand, Boost Your Business Profile & Make A Difference

We will also explore lifestyle choices, habits, imbalances, how patterns play out, conscious and unconscious programming, inner wound healing, honestly identifying your ​strengths and weaknesses. Looking at yourself as a whole and the body-mind-heart-soul-energetic field connection, and how it is playing out in your life, where it is wounded and where it craves balance.

We need to look at you as a whole so that we can bring healing, conscious expansion and empowerment to all areas of your life.

Gain credibility:

By sharing your knowledge in way that instantly empowers an audience it set’s you up as an expert in your field which gives you credibility.

Tell your story & connect:

Numerous studies have shown that when it comes to marketing, people invest in people before products. Tell your story in a forum where you will be heard and celebrated.

Gain leverage through association:

By being featured on a show that has already showcased some of the best in their fields from all over the world, boosts your brand image.

Connect with new audiences:

By being featured on the show it will instantly connect you to a new and broader audience.

Have new media content you can use to boost your brand & credibility on your website & social media:

After the show has aired you will receive a recording to place on any platform you own.

Listen to what Robin Banks has to say about being on The Susana Kennedy Show!

Some of our incredible team:

Featured on Thrive on The Susana Kennedy Show

International Speaker & Mind Power Expert, Robin Banks; CEO & Co-Founder of Futute Females, Lauren Dallas;  TV Personality & Producer, Siv Ngesi; CEO & Founder of Boss Bitch Business School International, Kate Gray; Entrepreneur, International Speaker & Best Selling Author, Paul O’Mahony; Producer & Actor, Juan Grey; Tech Guru & Jedi Master, Sajen Thathiah; Movtivational Author & Speaker, Brandon Bays; Philanthropist & Business entrepreneur, Maps Maponyane; Akashic Mentor & Teacher Author, Jen Duchene

If your application is

Approved the booking will include:

A 20 minute LIVE or pre-recorded interview slot

Get yourself on the map with an interview that gets you seen, heard and celebrated.

Delivery of a recorded version of the slot to add to any of your platforms.

Delivery within a week of interview slot, please always add featured on Thrive on The Susana Kennedy Show in description on your platforms and tag where possible.

Boosted Facebook post to maximise exposure

The fee will include me boosting on facebook to make sure you reach a wider audience.

You may request additional boosts on other platforms at an additional cost.

Email marketing

Two emails will be sent to my database announcing that you will be featured on the show. 

A story recorded and posted on the day tagging you on instagram & facebook

Susana will personally create a video story on instagram, which will be shared onto facebook as well, telling everyone that you will be featured on the show and tagging you to build excitement and awareness for your interview.

Artwork for social media

We will create customised artwork of you within our brand. This will be used to create a “coming up posts” that will be published on both instagram and Facebook confirming to our community and yours, that you are now part of the Thrive Team.

Your interview will be seen on:

– Live on facebook

– Live on instagram

– Shared to YouTube

– Shared to Linkedin

Susana Kennedy is seen with Emile Steenveld & Joel Brown; Lucas Radebe; John Travolta;

Featured on Thrive on The Susana Kennedy Show

Celebrity Chef, Claire Allen; Ex-Proffessional Football player & Founder of the “We Love Football Academy”, Christian Alder; Psychologist & Facilitator, Catherine Van Heerden; CEO & Founder of Boss Bitch Business School International, Kate Gray; International Keynote Speaker & Author, PG Paradigm; Spiritual & Life Coach, Norma Simon; Fitness Expert & Stuntman, Kundai Murapa; (dont know who lady is in second last picture!) Energy healer Therapist & Creator of the Healexus Healing, Eamon MC Gregaghan 

About Susana…

Susana has always used her skills to help others achieve their dreams; whether producing films, helping underprivileged children or interviewing local and international personalities to share their knowledge. Susana’s passion to serve is clear.

At 19 years of age, Susana’s leadership and creative qualities were first noticed by industry professionals. She had worked her way up from being a TV set runner to producing and directing her first insert for “The Breakfast Club” on SABC 3 in just under 9 months. After a short stint as a Creative Director’s assistant she was offered a position as Creative Director. Susana used this as opportunity to better equip herself and went on to study at AFDA, specializing in acting and directing. She graduated with her honours degree cum laude. Headhunted while still studying, her first directing job was for an event honoring one of her heroes, Nelson Mandela.