How Susana Works

As an intuitive​ transformational facilitator, ​I work with you to identify the aspects of your life that are causing or contributing to creating imbalance and challenges, preventing you from living the life you actually want to live.

This can include looking at limiting thought patterns or beliefs, past traumas, trapped or suppressed emotions, patterns and triggers that keep you from moving forward and being your best self.

What We Cover

Your Journey

We will discuss and explore what is relevant to understand about your life journey, lessons, soul path and so on within any relevant paradigm.

Then guided by your individual needs I will invite you to consider various actions to take, whether it be contemplations, books to read, healings to experience, or exercises to do, to get you to where you are wanting to be.

If you are on my higher packages (due to time constraints) I will also facilitate guided visualization/meditation journeys of self-healing tailored to your present needs.


We will also explore lifestyle choices, habits, imbalances, how patterns play out, conscious and unconscious programming, inner wound healing, honestly identifying your ​strengths and weaknesses. Looking at yourself as a whole and the body-mind-heart-soul-energetic field connection, and how it is playing out in your life, where it is wounded and where it craves balance.

We need to look at you as a whole so that we can bring healing, conscious expansion and empowerment to all areas of your life.

Your Spirit

The aim is to support you as you become more conscious and empowered so that you can ​heal, ​expand and accelerate​ through your life with joy and more ease​.

Sessions are powerful and comprehensive and can be used to look at and support all areas of life, your experience’s and spirituality. I will be guided by your needs so you can bring into session any focus area​’s​ and ask any question​s​ you might have. Things will emerge in priority order in the session.

Always inspired and humbled by my students and clients feedback,

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Booking Process

Zoom Sessions

As a remote practitioner, all my sessions are via Zoom platforms, thus online. 

***If you want to set up this platform please go here:

Please let me know if you need more info on this platform

*** Live in Person Sessions can be made at Special Request

Recording Sessions

My sessions range from 60-75 minutes, depending on what is needed:

I record all sessions and send you a link to the recording within 48 hours of your session. If you wish to record your session, you are welcome to, simply request this at the beginning of our call and you will be able to record directly onto your computer or hard drive.

Meditation & Visualization

Any Healing Meditation & Visualization Processes thay are experienced and edit them in studio with a background track to support your progress and send it to you as an MP4 so that you can listen to the recording as many times as you like, creating your own personalized library.

Session Packages

Once Off Sessions

Because my time is limited I need to book at least two months at a time in advance, I also ask for a commitment of minimum 6 months. Remember lasting change requires time, so if you feel drawn to a series of sessions it’s best to plan and book ​ahead. ​If you are not sure please reach out so we can discuss what would work best for you.

​​Prices to ne announced for One once-off ​75 minute session

6 Month Coaching Program

Prices to be announced soon for 6 Month coaching program.

First two months paid upfront before we begin.

Second payment 6 weeks later and final payment 6 weeks later.


I see my clients twice a month

The options include the live one on one session as well as a recording of the session and a fully edited and personalized guided visualization/meditation that you can replay daily or whenever needed.

You will receive an audio and video recording of the sessions.

The pricing is based on a commitment of minimum of 6 months

Tech Stuff


I currently live in Cape Town South Africa, (GMT+2/sast) Due to global time-zone differences, if you cannot find a suitable time via my booking system please email me as I will try to be flexible to allow for this.

Please use the following link to check your time zone difference

Cancellation Policy

No refund for ​NO SHOW ​appointments. If you cancel within 48 hours, you may reschedule.

If you cancel within 24 hours (unless for a medical emergency) or do not show up for a session, please be aware that your session will be forfeited and charged at full price.

​If you are more than 15m late to a session this is considered a NO SHOW. Please make sure you have the correct time and date in your diary.


I do request payment in advance via bank transfer or PayPal​. Pre-payments need to be finalised at the time of booking or no later than ​​48​​ hours from booking a session.



Bank: FNB

Account Number: 62858888624
Account Type: Cheque
Branch: Nicolway, Bryanston, 
Branch Code: 250655/210527

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