“This course has been created from a deep calling, born from the depths of my soul. I have created it with the utmost love and care and so I look forward to welcoming you with open arms and an open heart into this space of conscious empowerment, transformation, healing and mastery. I invite you to join an uplifting and inspirational community so you can be supported every step of your journey to mastery.”

Susana Kennedy

Who Is This Course For?

A Journey Of Conscious Empowerment & Mastery

If you are reading this, you are one of the lucky few that are brave enough to do whatever it takes to change their life.

There are no coincidences, the universe is communicating with you all the time. And if you are prepared to listen, it will present you with the most incredible opportunities to come into alignment with the highest version of yourself.

If The Above Resonates With You

If The Above Resonates With You

And if you feel ready to embark on a journey of Conscious Expansion & Transformation of your heart, body, mind & spirit, then this course has been specifically created to support you and connect you to a like-minded community that will support you all the way.

NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE ON YOUR JOURNEY, if you complete the entire course program, implement all of my tools & techniques and you don’t experience empowerment & growth, I will give you your money back. That’s how much I believe in what I want to share with you.

Course Content

Each week there will be a live call on tuesday at 5:30 pm (gmt + 2/sast) and you will receive a pre-recorded module.

First call will cover: prepare & commit

(live call)

Module 1: Commitments

  1. Agreement with the group and with me
  2. Agreement with yourself
  3. Know thyself
  4. Commitment to change
  5. Guided visualization

Module 2: The Power Of Forgiveness

  1. Understanding the Power of Forgiveness and how it can set us free.

Module 3: The Dark Night Of The Soul

  1. Understanding the root of disease
  2. Discover your trigger points
  3. Identify where you have experienced your personal breaking-points
  4. Be reminded of the light at the end of the tunnel
  5. Embracing the bitter-sweet gift of “This too shall pass”

Module 4: Know Thyself Activating The Wheel Of Life

  1. Become clear about what we want to change in your unique priority order.
  2. Get in touch with what you would feel like if you experienced these changes.
  3. Identify the actions you need to take to make these changes a reality.
  4. Letter of commitment
  5. Fill out your wheel of life

Module 5: Within The Space Released

  1. The Co-dependency Trap
  2. Discovering the root of the problem
  3. Moving through the pain
  4. Discovering a new level of compassion
  5. The Birth of my self-love journey

Module 6: Death & The Decision Released

  1. True surrender
  2. Realising the impossible is possible
  3. Finally diagnosed correctly
  4. The power of universal healing
  5. Making the decision

Module 7: A Rebirth Released

  1. Release the victim
  2. Embracing a new me
  3. Eat, sleep, exercise, meditate, speak differently – live differently
  4. When the challenge appears
  5. The true healer is revealed
  6. Fulfilling a promise…

Live Q&a Session - Live Call

This is to come together as a full group in a live call to ask any questions that you might have and also to share insights, breakthroughs and any “Ah-ha” moments.

Close the course

Always inspired and humbled by my students and clients feedback,

Are You Ready To Create Your Own Version Of Success?

11 Benefits You’ll Gain From This Course

Clarity is Power

Most people think that knowledge is power but in reality, it is applied knowledge that is power. Power comes from knowing what needs to change, making a commitment to changing and taking the necessary actions to achieving the desired results.

Know Thyself

Gain clarity of where you are out of balance in your life, what are the areas of your life that you have neglected and what are the things in your life that mean the most to you?

Life Is A Dot To Dot Picture

If you learn how to connect the dots of why certain things happen to you, you will discover a sense of empowernment and faith in yourself and this universe.

Discover The Gifts in Facing Yourself

Unveiling the truth and allowing yourself to stand in your truth is one of the most empowering and transformative things that you can do.

Become A Part Of The Like Minded Community

The support and compassion that you have been seeking lies within the ‘arms’ of a like-minded community. By enrolling in this course you will become a part of the community you have been seeking.

Embracing The Darkness And The Light

Doing this course will open the door to you finally embracing the aspects of yourself that you have previously denied and hidden from the world.

Move Through The Pain With More Ease & Grace

Discover the thought processes that enable you to move through the toughest times with increased ease and grace.

Radical Self-Love And Acceptance

Move away from self-sabotage, self-inflicted wounding and towards radical self-love and acceptance.

Introduction To The Co-Dependency Traps

Understanding the true meaning of Co-Dependency so that you can begin to break free.

Transforming The Victim Into A Victor

Freeing yourself from the prison of being a victim and discovering the gifts in becoming a victor

Free Yourself From Suffering

Understanding the true meaning of surrender and how this process frees you from suffering.

What’s Included In The Course

Total Value: $1,679
You Pay: $444

  • Access to all of the RECORDINGS OF THE SESSIONS for 1 year  (provided you complete the course within 3 months of starting )
  • A full comprehensive WORKBOOK PLUS ADDITIONAL BONUS (PDF printable like My wheel of life & the drama triangle and more)
  • Access to my talk on “THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS”

Who Is Susana?

Susana Kennedy is an intuitive transformational facilitator, who is also known as a passionate and prolific speaker, and for her work in the media industry. Susana is deeply valued as a conduit for transformation and empowerment.

Susana teaches that in order to truly transform ourselves we must transform on all levels of our being – Mind (Thoughts), Body (Actions), Heart (Feelings) & Spirit (Being).

Founder and CEO of the Thrive Network which has connected her audiences to the best Speakers, Healers, Coaches and Specialists in various fields from around the globe. After many years of working with the best in the transformational industries including Robin Banks, Brandon Bays, Dr John Dimartini, Billy Selekane, Leisha Jarret, and many more, Susana was employed to create her own transformational course.

This was not entirely a new concept as Susana co-created Robin Banks’s first online course “Sustaining the Magic” which follows the world-renowned “Mind Power” course and has produced multiple courses for various experts since then, including her own online course Kintsugi Me – Going from Fractured to Fabulous – the art of putting ourselves back together with love compassion and courage.